A quick link to my Immersive Audio Assignment

In my Immersive Audio assignment for my MSc Audio Production course at the University of Salford, I used DearVR Micro to create a binaural mix of an excerpt from a track I am working on: Noah’s Castle Rebuilt – Paul Grooveside – Binaural Headphones Mix for MSc.

In the mix I placed a mixture of acoustic and synthesised percussion instruments around the listener and at varying heights, the claves and cymbals were panned high, congas and toms lower. Some guitars were panned behind the listener, synthesizers ‘wrapped’ around the sound field, bells placed around the listener and distanced using reverb effects panned through DearVR Micro. I initially found the mix to be complex to set up, so concentrated on making the mix clear and accessible to the listener.

(See also main post about 360 Degree and Binaural audio)

Reference: University of Salford (2021) MSC/PGDIP Audio Production https://www.salford.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/audio-production

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