A quick link to my Immersive Audio Assignment

In my Immersive Audio assignment for my MSc Audio Production course at the University of Salford, I used DearVR Micro to create a binaural mix of an excerpt from a track I am working on: Noah’s Castle Rebuilt – Paul Grooveside – Binaural Headphones Mix for MSc. In the mix I placed a mixture ofContinue reading “A quick link to my Immersive Audio Assignment”

Adele – saviour of the album as an art form?

Artists and record producers invest a great deal of creativity, thought and work into the creation of their albums. The order of songs or instrumentals on an album is an important element of the flow and progression of the musical and narrative themes the artist is communicating. In many ways, an album tells a storyContinue reading “Adele – saviour of the album as an art form?”

Revelations in Audio: Stereo Sound on Loudspeakers and in Headphones vs Binaural Audio

I’ve always preferred to listen to recorded music on speakers. I’ve had high quality hi-fi systems since I was 15, including a superb pair of loudspeakers I built myself from a Wilmslow Audio kit design. For me, music reproduced through a quality system via loudspeakers, positioned carefully in a dedicated listening room, sounds natural andContinue reading “Revelations in Audio: Stereo Sound on Loudspeakers and in Headphones vs Binaural Audio”

Artificial Intelligence in Music and Audio

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of computing which creates machines that can operate in human-like ways, with the ability to ‘think’, to learn and improve their own capabilities based on often vast amounts of data. AI is being brought into many aspects of our lives, the world of music and audio is one ofContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Music and Audio”