About Me

I grew up in South Shields, a seaside town on the South bank of the river Tyne, and now live in Greater Manchester.

I have loved audio devices ever since my grandfather introduced me to radios, tape recorders and other noisy gadgets when I was a child. We used to repair transistor radios together; he gave me a sense of pride in caring for electronics and restoring instruments that is still a strong tenet of mine. I still love the smell of soldering irons and flux!

A chance meeting with a generous and kind sound designer when I was 18 caused the spark of my affection for audio to ignite and become a passion for recording, mixing and playing music.

My focus on audio quality and attention to detail are my hallmarks. I became an expert programmer for the Rhodes Chroma synthesizer. I owned and ran a successful recording studio for a decade, with experience of recording and mixing bands, radio jingles, live sound reinforcement and theatre sound. I then stepped away from the industry to raise my family and enjoy a successful career in medical imaging.

I returned to the audio industry in 2020 through my love for music technology and am studying my Masters Degree in Audio Production to reacquaint myself with the cutting edge of recording and audio technology.