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Music Producer, Audio Engineer, MSc Audio Production Student at The University of Salford

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Music and audio blog, reviews and more

Photo by Paul Grooveside

Hi! I’ve returned to the music and audio industry after some time away. I’m seeing it all with fresh eyes and hearing it all with fresh ears!

Join me on my journey through the incredible world of music and sound,

I’m writing and recording music, and studying at the superb School of Audio Production at the University of Salford. You’ll read all about it here.

Some of the instruments and studio equipment I use have interesting stories, I’ll share them with you.

I love music of all kinds old and new, and you’ll see my appreciation and reviews on this site too.

I will also curate musical and audio posts and sources that you may find interesting.

I’ll be delighted if you’ll accompany me on my adventures in music and audio. Please remember to contact me if you wish, links are at the bottom of the page.


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Digital Audio Workstations Having grown up in the era of analogue audio and tape recorders, I have been learning about the ways of the studio in the current era. The biggest technological change has been the widespread adoption of Digital Audio Workstations, DAWs, as the centre of studios. They are undeniably powerful, versatile programs, creating…

Two into One DOES go! Or How I built a Roland D-50 Synthesizer – Part 2

Building my D-50 My earlier post about the Roland D-50 synthesizer looked at the history and impact of this unique synthesizer. I had missed the one I owned and sold in 1994. Market prices for good condition D-50s are high so I had hit on a way to get one: buy two!!! I bought two…

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